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This Child Smoke 40 Cigarettes A Day. This Is How He Looks After 8 Years!

Remember the kid who went viral because he used to smoke 40 cigarettes in a day? We all knew his future is in dark and he might not be able to live long, but as they say everyone has the caliber to improve their life. Wondering how the kid is doing now, after 8 long years? Well, read here:

In the year 2010, the story of Ardi Rizal went viral as he had a smoking addiction.


Bride Lets Men Grope Her Breast For Money And We Have This To Say

Whenever you go to a wedding ceremoney, the normal thing is to see flower bouquet, wedding cakes, couple dancing and the interesting part, 'you may kiss the bride'.
This video shows a bride that permits her wedding guests to grab her breast in exchange for money. She claims the money is for their honeymoon. 
If you want to fondle her chest, you will have to pay for it. Apparently, the money raised will be used for the newlywed’s honeymoon! 
I don't know about the groom but for me, I won't share my wife booby with any man not even my best friend.


9 Types of Guys You Must Meet at Every Nigerian Wedding

1. The “I Just Got Back” (IJGB).


His accent brings all the girls to the yard!

2. The uninvited guest.

Nobody knows who exactly invited him but he’s sha there and there’s nothing anybody can do about it!


7 Types Of People You Will Meet In a Typical Owambe Party

Ever been to a Nigerian Owambe party? Trust me, it is fun. I know a particular tribe in Nigeria that doesn't  joke with Owambe party. I didn't mention names though.
We went through different Owambe parties and came out with 8 types of people you are sure to meet in a typical Nigerian Owambe.

1. The 'I dance pass everybody' kind of people. This are the people that show their dancing skill. Sometimes you will think they are the celebrant


11 Shocking Photos That Prove Kim Kardashian’s behind Is Completely Fake

The reality star, Kim Kardashian, is always known for one or another grapevine either about her fair share of dramatic personal life or her parenting skill.Recently, she has again managed to hit back at headlines- Kim Kardashian‘s rear has always been a subject of hot debate since 2007 when related post started swamping social networking platforms. The huge size has captivated the masses and raised many unanswered questions in everyone’s mind – Is it real or just plastic surgery? How is it possible to have that big rear? What’s the size exactly?Let’s have a quick look some of the shocking photos that prove Kim’s back is completely fake:

Before and After Look

Before we embark our journey on Kardashian’s back, let’s have a quick look at before and after picture of the reality star. The photo on the left side was clicked in 2007, while the right one was shot in 2014. Did you notice the dramatic change in shape and size of her back? Amazingly huge!! For her nicely bubble-shaped rear, Kim gives all her credits to Armenian heritage and hard work in the gym (squats). However, it doesn’t feel the same. Squats don’t make your hip look too lopsided to leg size.

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