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10 Classic Signs She's Not That Into You

 1. She farts in front of you

She farts in front of you

...without flinching or chuckling. Just a straight face and  fart.



10 Reasons Banky W is the most eligible Bachelor and we should be chasing him with no chill!

1. He’s literally the freshest kid on the block

He’s literally the freshest kid on the block

What else does a woman want in life na?

2. We are yet to associate him with any babies or their mamas

We are yet to associate him with any babies or their mamas

This Is Why You Should Make Out With Your Husband Every Night...

In many cases, both the partners are working, and at the end of the day feel tired and sweaty. They both demand the peace of mind and soul. However, could that be found staying away from each other?
Well, I have an answer for your question. I have an exact scoop here for what you are looking for. 

Invest in your Life Partner

A female plays several roles in her life, like a mom, daughter, sister, and so on. Each role has its add-on responsibilities, but playing a role of wife is not less than any other roles in her life. To make her man feel like a "MAN,” you have to treat him like one. So never, stop showing your love to him.

Don't forget yourself too

Once you are married or have become a mother of one or two that doesn’t mean you lost the right to be look good. Take out time for yourself. Love yourself! Until you won’t love yourself, how others will love you. Never, underestimate the gorgeous woman living inside you.

Keep the fire between two of you ignited


This Guy Is Using Pencils To Draw Unbelievably Real Portraits

We were minding our own lane when we entered one guy’s Instagram page.

via Instagram| @kelvinokafor_art

Kelvin Okafor’s paintings are just too real for us not to share.

via Instagram| @kelvinokafor_art

Mark Angel Comedy - Episode 90. Watch Video



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